It has been a long couple of months. The transition has been tough, it feels like coming down off of a cloud and attempting to re-enter life on earth. I miss our life on the road. We all miss it. I am doing everything I can within my power to make this a home and it's not really working, I'm looking at it as a temporary home and seeking simple pleasures here.

Here are some things that are making things just a little brighter.

I'm joining in on Ali Edwards A Week in the Life project. I did it several years ago and it's one of my favorite personal projects I've ever done. Grab a camera, jump in and document just one week of your life. It helps you see things with new eyes. I promise.

I just spent the last weekend in Chicago with some of my favorite people AND filling my tool box with new parenting gems at this conference. If you parent trauma, struggle with attachment or just want to rock out your parenting moves, you must go next year.

While it's not a new book, I just read Garden Spells and it re-ignited my love for herbs and garden magic.

I love Lisa, I love Brad Yates, I love tapping and this is going to be awesome.

A Mighty Girl is a beautiful website, dedicated to girls and their mighty-ness. I love what they are about.

Much love to you today, wherever you are or whatever you're walking through.


This space has fallen quiet and it's not for lack of want, but lack of words. It's been in waiting for the right things to say and being able to hold a space for the responses that come.

The last month has been one of trial and big heavy decisions, of climate changes both physical and emotional, a letting go of so very much.

This weekend we settled our little gypsy circus into a house. We parked our home on wheels in a solemn lot as tears spilled down my face. Our Grand Adventure has taken a turn and will now continue from a cozy house in the mid-west, rather than our gypsy wagon.

I am sad. I won't deny this and I don't have a space for you to tell me all the positives. The last two years for me personally have seen the largest growth and the deepest finding of who I am and what I know to be true.

This was the best move for us, right now. I see that and know it in my core, but it doesn't make the transition any less. I am forever changed by this journey. I will never be the same girl that I was when we drove 2000 miles across the country with empty pockets and only tiny trinkets. The road is forever a part of me now.

And more than anything, I am full of gratitude. For the miles, the lessons, the stirrings, for the tiny pieces of each place that I carry in my soul and for every person I met along the way. Namaste.

{I started out calling this post Epilogue but I'm still convinced this isn't where the story ends, it's where a new one begins}

12 days of December

I have felt the pull to take more photos lately. Something shifted and I've missed capturing the daily "stuff". My big camera has been neglected and I'm planning to use it more in 2012 including some secret missions. I decided to try to capture our December this year. And I'm just using my iPhone and Instagram. (I love Instagram and I'm @gypsymama if you'd like to follow me.)

So here is our December so far. We have two birthday's in the next week AND we're going to be traveling a little bit so I'm not sure how well I'll finish this out but it's been fun so far.

"How about we just live together?"

My second knitting project ever.
Watching Whitney all comfy in my bed.
Flowers in the Target parking lot. Flowers. Outside. In December. This is not Wisconsin.
Food Truck Invasion. It's become a regular event for us.
Crafting Christmas gifts, which I later realized would not be able to ship due to the delicateness of them.
A package came from Nana. The kids were so happy to have treats from "home"
I bought a crock pot, to make salves :) but we've since used it for dinner. Finding a place to store it in the RV has been a challenge however.
This girl has such style. She'll be 17 next week.
I've been forgetting this lately. That I am enough. I'm so thankful that it's there when I need the reminder.
Took our donuts to the beach but it was too rainy and windy. So we sat in the car.
These girls. Oh these girls of my heart.

Inspiration Monday

I've had several tabs open for a week or more wanting to come here and share them. I decided that today was a good day for that. It's rainy here in Miami and blog posts seem to come easier when I'm snuggled in the RV.

Colorful Farmhouse I love color and I'm missing a house a bit lately. I've run out of space to paint & decorate. That must mean it's time for some new projects in the RV.

World's Biggest Summit    I'm a huge Goddess Leonie fan and this hasn't disappointed at all.

Oil Cleansing Method I love this method for washing my face and having it in a more solid form would be perfect for life on the road.

I cut off my dreadlocks. It wasn't a rash decision and I couldn't be happier. I love my hair so much and I've not felt like that in a really long time. Here's the video I posted to Facebook if you missed it.


I've been watching Dharma & Greg when I have a few moments to myself. I love it even more now than I did when it was on a few years ago. I love Dharma's quirkiness and I'm learning some really valid things from her. Like how to be silly and let go of what people think.

I'm looking so forward to connecting with this girl and hopefully some other strong women of my tribe in the near future while we are in Florida. I'm missing deep connection with friends face to face. I was able to go to Kentucky before we came to Florida and I blogged about that beautiful experience with my friend Angie at Milagro Girl.

The music of Ryan Adams  has always moved me and his new album is no exception.

And on the subject of music. I'm feeling a pull. I can't explain it and I'm not really ready to blog about it. But this moves me.

If you have something that is inspiring you that you'd like to share I'd love it if you linked here. Much love... a

A video update from me

Slow Pony Home Update from Alicia Thiede on Vimeo.

My new blog for women and truth can be found here Milagro Girl

I've missed this place, it's nice to be fully here again. Thanks for checking in.