It has been a long couple of months. The transition has been tough, it feels like coming down off of a cloud and attempting to re-enter life on earth. I miss our life on the road. We all miss it. I am doing everything I can within my power to make this a home and it's not really working, I'm looking at it as a temporary home and seeking simple pleasures here.

Here are some things that are making things just a little brighter.

I'm joining in on Ali Edwards A Week in the Life project. I did it several years ago and it's one of my favorite personal projects I've ever done. Grab a camera, jump in and document just one week of your life. It helps you see things with new eyes. I promise.

I just spent the last weekend in Chicago with some of my favorite people AND filling my tool box with new parenting gems at this conference. If you parent trauma, struggle with attachment or just want to rock out your parenting moves, you must go next year.

While it's not a new book, I just read Garden Spells and it re-ignited my love for herbs and garden magic.

I love Lisa, I love Brad Yates, I love tapping and this is going to be awesome.

A Mighty Girl is a beautiful website, dedicated to girls and their mighty-ness. I love what they are about.

Much love to you today, wherever you are or whatever you're walking through.

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